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Aldelís has joined the European INDUCE project as a pilot company with the aim of developing its capacities in energy efficiency. The project, led in Spain by the Centre for Research on Energy Resources and Consumption (CIRCE), seeks to develop an energy-efficient business culture as well as the sustainability of the agro-food industry in order to advance the energy efficiency objectives of these companies with a 2020 horizon in mind. Thus, the Aragonese company will receive advice and training on energy efficiency and will be able to know and implement different methodologies and tools developed in the research phase, being a pioneer in its implementation.

The INDUCE project seeks to improve the energy efficiency of companies through the development of an open platform (INDUCE toolkit) where there will be training materials, online classes, guidelines and other tools, which will be available to participating companies. In addition to CIRCE, INDUCE has the Spanish Federation of Food and Beverage Industries (FIAB) as a partner and will receive funding from the European Commission through the H2020 program. In this sense, the project has a team made up of consolidated scientists, teachers, engineers and members of organizations from the agro-food industry.

The INDUCE methodology will link knowledge transfer in energy efficiency with behavioral and organizational change models, establishing an energy culture and an environment conducive to change in the company, at the same time as employees find a motivation to act in a more sustainable way. The unique character of this methodology is that it will follow a People-Centred Design approach, in which each phase will be carried out in close cooperation with the end users of the capacity building program. This will allow INDUCE to interact and test together with the companies the best interventions, measures, etc. that will be implemented.

Thus, Aves Nobles y Derivados will receive personalized training and will have access to all the tools and case studies of this research project. In addition, the INDUCE methodology includes the design of a specific capacity building program for each company, which will result in tailor-made training adapted to the company’s needs and opportunities. Thus, being part of the INDUCE Project is a great opportunity to receive advice on energy efficiency and to make the necessary changes to face the future. The project will start at the end of 2018 and will run until mid-2020.


The INDUCE methodology and its toolkit will be tested and validated in 15 pilot companies in the food and beverage sector in four countries representing more than 45% of EU food and beverage companies: Spain, France, the Netherlands and Germany. In a second phase, the INDUCE community of trainers will establish 60 certified trainers.

The adhesion of Aves Nobles to this research project confirms its commitment to sustainable and efficient development, as well as its link to innovation and research as a way to grow and improve its processes.

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