At Aldelís we work daily to ensure profitable growth, but we are also committed to developing our activities in line with the social responsibility that applies to us.

We are currently involved in implementing a management model based on policies of responsibility towards employees, their families and the environment, creating policies which encourage a balance with family and social life.

At Aldelís we are also committed to promoting the meaningful integration of disabled people and those of other cultural groups in the workplace, as well as prioritising the promotion of job security and a respect for equality. 35 different nationalities are represented in our current workforce.

Medio ambiente


Aldelís’ environmental endeavours are centred around a daily reduction of negative impact throughout the entire value chain, in addition to encouraging environmentally responsible behaviour among interest groups.

Among our pledges, it is important to highlight:

  • The responsible consumption of material resources with our suppliers, seeking to encourage the sustainability of the value chain from the beginning.
  • Eco-design in packaging, helping to minimise environmental impact through lighter packaging, recyclable materials and reduced transportation, among other strategies.
  • Energy efficiency, aimed at reducing energy consumption while maintaining the same ratio per tonne manufactured.
  • Responsible waste management and the responsible management of liquid discharge.
  • Reduced water consumption.