Padesa Aldea

Padesa. S.A.

  • Padesa is located in the Terres de l’Ebre region. Established in the year 1975, the company has extensive experience in the food industry. Its main focus is on rearing poultry, in particular chicken and turkey.
  • Our 350 poultry farms are set within a 72km radius of our production centres, located in Roquetes and Amposta. Our birds are born and reared in these farms, which enables us to provide a 100% guarantee of the origin of our produce, something which sets us apart from other companies operating in this sector.
  • We monitor the entire life cycle of our birds (birth, feeding, rearing and butchering) and in doing so guarantee the quality of our primary material, the basis and most important ingredient of our products and recipes.
Miguel Botaya Aves Nobles

Aves Nobles y Derivados S.L.

  • Aves Nobles y Derivados is located in Zaragoza. The company’s origins date back to the year 1967, when Miguel Botaya opened a small workshop in the Mercado Arrabal market in Zaragoza and began to create his first products from chicken and turkey (croquettes, chicken burgers etc.).
  • From then until 1990, an exponential growth in sales led to the founding of Aves Nobles y Derivados S.L.
  • From then on, we at Aves Nobles y Derivados have been continuously innovating, remaining faithful to our essence while being mindful of market trends and the demands of our consumers.


  • The integration of Aves Nobles y Derivados into Grupo Padesa in 1997 has made it possible for us to monitor the entire production chain, from the manufacture of our poultry feed right through to butchery and immediate transportation for processing and subsequent distribution to the end consumer.
  • This monitoring process means we are able to guarantee the freshness of all of our products due to our greater speed and efficiency throughout the process.
  • In 2018 it was decided to unite all the group’s brands under one brand: Aldelís