aspapyme 2024


At Aldelís, we are committed not only to excellence in our products and services, but also to the well-being and development of our community. For this reason, we are proud to announce our collaboration with ASPANOA (Parents of Aragon Oncological Children Association).

This alliance is further strengthened within the framework of the ASPAPYMES program, an initiative that seeks to unite efforts between small and medium-sized companies to generate a positive impact on society. Through this collaboration, Aldelís is committed to actively contributing to ASPANOA, providing resources, support and visibility to its valuable programs and services.

We firmly believe that together we can make a difference and contribute positively to the lives of those who need it most. We invite our clients, collaborators and community in general to join us in this noble effort, supporting ASPANOA and all those organizations with projects as commendable as those presented in this section.

Together we can build a brighter and more hopeful future for everyone.

Hermandad Refugio


The Brotherhood of the Refuge of Zaragoza has become a crucial pillar for many people in vulnerable situations. This organization is passionately dedicated to offering a wide range of services and programs, ranging from temporary shelter, basic food distribution to primary healthcare. Its holistic approach It encompasses not only the immediate needs of people, but also the comprehensive development and empowerment of individuals and communities.

Our collaboration with the Hermandad del Refugio of Zaragoza has materialized through significant donations of our products. At Aldelís we hope that these contributions are a means to amplify the impact of the Brotherhood, allowing them to reach more people, expand their programs and strengthen their mission of providing hope, support and opportunities to those who need it most.


Our collaboration with the Food Bank of Zaragoza has been consolidated through periodic donations of high quality products. This contribution is not simply an act of charity, but a tangible manifestation of our active and ongoing commitment to supporting those facing food and economic hardship. Through our donations, we want to contribute significantly to strengthening the Food Bank’s capabilities to collect, store and distribute essential food to families and individuals in vulnerable situations.

We are proud to be part of this solidarity network and work hand in hand to build a more inclusive, fair and prosperous future for all. Our commitment goes beyond numbers and focuses on creating a legacy of positive impact, social transformation and hope. We will continue to strengthen our collaboration with the Food Bank, innovating in our business practices and seeking new ways to generate meaningful change in the community, thus reaffirming our vision of a world where every individual has access to a worthy nutrition.

Fiet Gratia


At Aldelís, we are committed to supporting the most vulnerable communities and we remain aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals, which means betting on a fairer world. For this reason, we are proud of our association with Fiet Gratia, thus contributing to the comprehensive care of women who have been victims of white trafficking and who live in residences with their children. Our donations will provide these women and their children with delicious and nutritious meals, marking a tangible impact on their socio-labor reintegration process.

This collaboration is an example of how companies can come together to support a common cause and demonstrate that these women are not alone in their fight. We are proud to be part of this initiative and hope to inspire other companies to join us in making a difference. Together, we can work towards a more supportive future.